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Marie Anne Cope – Author

About the Author

Marie Anne Cope grew up in Manchester, moving to North Wales in 2005 where she lives with her two cats, Jasmine and Texas. She has always had an interest in fiction – particularly all things dark and supernatural – but it wasn’t until her mid-twenties that she began taking a serious interest in writing. She published the first novel in her BONDS series in 2013 and has since followed it with the second and third novels in the quartet, BROKEN BONDS and BONDS RE-BOUND.

Marie has also published a collection of dark and sinister short stories entitled Tales From A Scarygirl, along with a children’s book called The Misfits under the pen name M A Cope. Both have follow-up works in progress.


The BONDS series is a dark supernatural quartet, the first three of which are available in both paperback and eBook format., With work well underway on the fourth and final book, ETERNAL BONDS, which maintains the much darker theme of BONDS RE-BOUND.

The series is set against both contemporary and historical backdrops, following the story of the complicated and unusual relationship between Becca Martin, a reluctant witch forced to face up to who she is and accept her gift of the Craft, and Antony Cardover, a man who traded his soul for the chance of vengeance and paid the ultimate price – eternity bearing a vampire curse.

As the story evolves, we see Becca and Antony embark on a dangerous and brutal journey as they seek to break his curse, a journey which continually puts Becca’s life at risk. Is she strong enough to overcome her own demons and claim her power? Can Antony escape his past to face an unknown destiny?

The BONDS series is more than just the story of a witch and her adversaries, who come in the form of vampires and other dangerous, supernatural forces. It is also the tale of a woman’s journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance – and the sacrifices that come with accepting who you really are. The series makes us reflect on action and consequence, as we explore the dangerous dilemmas that come to haunt both Becca and Antony.

With its dark and supernatural theme, the series appeals to those who enjoy A Discovery of Witches and Outlander, as well as True Blood and Twilight – not to mention anybody who appreciates the legend that is Dracula.

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AC Creative & AC Create – Photography, Prop Making

My love of horror came about before I was even in my teens when I would watch classic horror movies such as Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature From The Black Lagoon and Nosferatu. At the age of ten, I saw A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2 and for the first time I was incredibly scared but at the same time enthralled. 

After my first viewing, my love all things scary grew and grew and I wanted more, so I began my search for more horror. 

I’ve enjoyed many of the modern classics such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Friday The 13th, Alien, Hellraiser, The Blair Witch Project, Scream, to name a few. In my adult life, I began to find a love for prop making and wanted to recreate props from my favourite movies – whether it was the Facehugger from Alien or the Knife Glove from A Nightmare On Elm Street.

A Little side story now. When I was 12 I attended a local art club on a Saturday morning and one of the items I made was a Freddy glove out of an old gardening glove with nails attached as the blades. The tutor was so horrified she took it off me and had a word with my mum after the class. This was my first attempt at prop-making. Since then I have made many items including an Alien inspired motion tracker, Facehugger, Potion bottles, Movie guns and Leatherface mask to name but a few.

More recently I have put my photographic skills to use producing stylised images to tell a story and invoke feelings on uneasiness and terror. I have also paid homage to my love for all things true crime by doing a Jack The Ripper inspired shoot. 

Adam – horror fan, photographer and creator.

Lara Edwards – Photographer, Poet

Lara Edwards is a poet, photographer and writer among other things.  She is currently studying a BA in History and Creative Writing at Glyndwr University and is working on her first young adult fiction graphic novel with an illustrator.

She is co presenter on local radio show Calon Talks Books and can also be heard on the airwaves of Calon FM every third Wednesday lunch time with her own poetry show “Poetry Corner” where she has guests on to talk about their work.

Jakkie Sinner – Author

Imperia tells the tale of Leon, a young prince and lieutenant in the Eltherian family s army, on the planet Duranni. Having been away for five years, Leon returns to his home to find that life, as he knows it, has been turned upside down. He discovers things about the people closest to him that will change his life forever and completely alter his perception of people that he believes in and trusts… and thought he knew well.

Meanwhile, tensions are brewing elsewhere and King Hannibal Tytharikan is restless and preparing for war with the people of the Eltherian family and their neighbouring planets… It won’t be long before the Eltherian people will have to face King Hannibal and his warriors in a bloody battle where only one side can emerge victorious… Imperia is an action-packed novel which will have the reader on the edge of your seat.